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Your hair is one of the first features others notice about you. We know that when your hair looks great, you feel revitalized and confident. Whether you want to transform your appearance with a new hairstyle or just seek a trim that keeps you in your current style, our stylist will listen to you and deliver what you want. It doesn’t matter if you wear your hair up, down, layered, long, in a bob or somewhere in between, qua salon has all of your hair needs covered. Specializing in hairstyles for women and men, whether straight, curly, fine or frizzy, from trims to style revolutions, you’ll leave us looking amazing. The qua salon hair stylists are the best Houston has to offer!
You know your hair, but we know hair. We will never mislead you or misguide you. The truth is that not all styles can be worn by all people. There are many factors to consider when choosing a new haircut or hair style. In addition to the physical appeal of your new style, you must consider maintainability, hair health and your lifestyle preference. Each of these plays an important part when it comes to making the right choice. Your qua salon hair stylist will help you get there. To begin, consider these:
  • If you have fine hair, a medium or short one-length haircut can help to maintain your hair's natural fullness. On the other hand, very thick hair can be deliberately texturized to minimize excess volume and maximize greater manageability.
  • Consider how often you want to visit the salon for trims before choosing your ideal haircut. Most short or highly-defined haircuts require somewhat frequent trims (every four to six weeks) to maintain your style. Longer hair needs a trim every six to ten weeks.
  • Thinking about your lifestyle and the amount of time you want to spend styling your hair can also help you choose your ideal haircut. If you frequently run short on time or have a very active lifestyle, you may want to opt for a haircut that requires minimal styling and care.
  • Keep in mind that in many cases, short hair is faster to style and requires less product to maintain than long hair.
Long, short, asymmetrical or precision-straight, your hair accentuates who you are and your qua salon stylist helps you refine your personal style.
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