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When you are looking to give your hair a little boost, hair coloring is the perfect technique to enhance the look you want. And qua salon is the perfect place!  qua stylists specialize in hair color ideas and results. There are many different hair coloring techniques available today, offering clients a unique look tailored to their skin color, face shape, and hairstyle. From dark hair colors to cool hair colors, we give you beautiful hair colors. Fancy being a blonde? We will put you in the blonde hair color of your dreams. Dream of being a redhead? We’ll help you choose the fiery shade you’re after. qua salon also provides ammonia free hair color for women and men. qua salon hair coloring techniques include:

Balayage – You’ve probably heard of this term and wondered what it means. It’s simply a French word that means “to paint.” Balayage is a free-hand highlighting technique that gives your hair a beautiful natural look with depth and shine.

Ombré – Ombré means “shaded.” In hair color, it translates to a gradual lightening over the length of your hair, with dark roots that gradually lighten throughout the length of your locks. Because the ombré look begins with dark roots, it is popular among those who want low-maintenance color, and a great way to return to your natural hair color if you are seeking to do so.

Highlights and lowlights – These are techniques that color specific strands of your hair, lightening or darkening them to give your hair more color depth and dimension.

Full color – This simply refers to a complete color change for your hair. If you want a total change to your look, full color may be the right choice for you. Full color treatments can be combined with highlights or lowlights to create depth with a textured and natural look.

Grey coverage – While we can’t wash that gray right out of your hair, we can give you a hair coloring designed to restore the youthful look of your hair. There are many techniques that work well to cover gray, including full color treatments and highlights, depending on your natural color and the amount of gray in your hair.

Glaze/Shine – What some refer to as hair glaze color is actually a temporary clear shine or modified pigment to complement the tone of your hair color. We tailor your treatment specifically for your hair type, natural hair color and target color. Your qua salon stylist will help you get the best color solution to fit your desires.

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